Rainbow Dragons Sports History

Rainbow Region Dragon Boat Club (RRDBC) is a vibrant community sports club which is proud of its origins and ongoing strong bond with Rainbow Dragons Abreast (RDA) . We are two clubs who paddle together.

Originally, RDA was regularly fielding enquiries from the public because of a growing worldwide interest in dragon boating and in response, RRDBC was established in 2009.

It has always welcomed men and women of any age, fitness level and sporting ability to experience the social, fun, and physical challenges of dragon boating.

Rainbow Sports (teals) has maintained its founding club’s ethos of inclusion and respect; as well as its pioneering drive to make all club members the best paddlers they can be.

Our paddlers are drawn from all over the Rainbow Region, from Ocean Shores, Lismore, Federal, Kyogle to Coraki and in between.

Since 2009, RRDBC has averaged between 50-60 members which is considered a larger club. Consequently, it is able to meet the social and competitive needs of its members, in a sustainable manner.

Those paddlers who have wanted greater dragon boating challenges have tried out for State and National regional teams. Many Rainbows Sports have taken on this challenge, including the long road trips together for squad training, in various northern region towns.

Most of them have come home with medals and a greater depth of competitive experience.

In 2013, the RRDBC held its inaugural regatta at Shaws Bay, East Ballina. It was a huge community and club success with both sports and community teams participating.

Rainbows’ regatta has since become a significant regional sporting event with a growing reputation in the dragon boating scene for high calibre competition, sportsmanship, and socialising.

Like all longstanding community sports clubs, RRDBC has been reliant on its members’ off-water efforts as well as their on-water efforts, to remain strong.

Rainbows (RRDBC & RDA) are a multi-talented group of people from the amazing skills of organising annual regattas to the day-to-day running of a club; raffle prize rustlers; undertaking coaching and sweeping roles, publicity+ boat maintenance.


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