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Have you ever seen our boats paddling on the beautiful water ways of Ballina and Lennox? Our boats hold up to 20 paddlers, with one person standing at the back steering. In competition the boats do have dragon heads and tails as well as a drummer. Dragon Boating is fun, fast, addictive, and great for overall fitness. It started in China thousands of years ago and is now one of the fastest growing water sports in the world, including Australia.

Dragon boating is the ultimate team sport and welcomes all genders, ages and backgrounds. What it lacks in actual dragons, it makes it up with a strong sense of community, teamwork and camaraderie. 

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What is an outrigger canoe? 

As well as a fleet of dragon boats, Rainbow Region Dragon Boat Club also has a fleet of outrigger canoes (OCs). This is something that not all dragon boat clubs have. We have one 6-person canoe and three 2-person canoes. This means that we can offer more training sessions (see our training sessions page) as well as the opportunity to paddle in both types of boat (for more information on outrigger canoeing for dragon boaters, click here).



Rainbow Region Dragon Boat Club (RRDBC) regularly compete in regattas in NSW and Queensland, from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast. Competing in regattas is optional. They do give paddlers a goal to work towards and provide wonderful opportunities to compete, socialize and have a weekend away with a lot of fun! (click here to see us in action at a regatta).

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Five free sessions 

At Rainbow Region Dragon Boating Club, you can attend up to 5 free sessions on either a dragon boat or an outrigger canoe before you join the club. This gives you a chance to try the sport before you commit to becoming a member. For more details, see our Contact page. Or download our 'Come and Try' flyer below. 


All sessions are conducted by an AusDBF accredited coach and sweep/steerer. The safety of paddlers is always considered, and a venue and weather conditions risk assessment is conducted for every session. 

Training session times and what to bring to training 

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